Curriculum Vitae

Personal data:

Yan Hongfei, Male
Born: Oct.1973, in Harbin, China
Title: Ph.D.


Working Experience:

  1. Chinese Web Information Retrieval Forum., since June, 2004.
  2. Tianwang Search Engine ( ), since March, 2000 ( C/C++, Solaris/Linux ).
  3. Distance Learning, January, 2000 ( ASP, SQL Server, WinNT and IIS ).
  4. Hospital Information Management System of the fourth Hospital of Beijing, June, 1999 ( Delphi and SQL Server, WinNT and Win98 environment).
  5. Doctor's Advice Management System of Hospital, June, 1998 ( PowerBuilder and SQL Server, WinNT and Win95 environment).
  6. Campus-Wide Information Systems (CWISs) of Xinjiang Finance and Economics Institute, March, 1998 ( PowerBuilder and Ingres, WinNT and Win95 environment).
  7. Hospitalization Insurance System of MuDanJian Society Labor Insurer, September, 1997 ( PowerBuilder and SQL Server, WinNT and Win95 environment).
  8. Multimedia Demonstration System of Harbin Engineering University, September,1996 (Visual Basic, Win3.1 environment).
  9. Multimedia Demonstration System of Harbin High New Technology Industry Development Area, March, 1994 ( DeLi Multimedia Tools and 3DS, DOS environment).


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