Hi! I'm Jilong!

"Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it."

My name is Jilong Xue. Currently, I am a 5th year PhD student in the Department of Computer Science at Peking University, working with Professor Yafei Dai. My general research interests are focused on building efficient parallel system for processing large-scale computation: such as graph computing and machine learning.

Curriculum Vitae     中文简历

Research experience

June 2011 - present

Seraph: graph processing on shared graph
A distributed graph system which supports multiple analytics jobs concurrently executed on a continuously updated large graph.

June 2015 - Oct 2015

Self-evolving streaming leveraging machine learning
A streaming system which leverages online learning to support self-evolving capability for many applications.

Oct 2014 - May 2015

GraM: RDMA-based large-scale computing engine
A highly-efficient parallel engine for large-scale computations, such as big graph analysis and machine learning.

Oct 2013 - Apri 2014

Trigger-based big data processing
Apply guard-action paradigm in big data processing, which can provide fast responsiveness for realtime computing.


  • When Graph Computation Meets Heterogeneous Cluster.  
        Jilong Xue, Zhi Yang, Shian Hou, Yafei Dai.   BigData 2015
  • Process-driven Analysis of Dynamics in Online Social Interactions. 
        Zhi Yang, Jilong Xue, ChristoWilson, Ben Y. Zhao, Yafei Dai.   COSN 2015
  • GraM: Scaling Graph Computation to the Trillions. 
        Ming Wu, Fan Yang, Jilong Xue, Wencong Xiao, Youshan Miao, Lan Wei, Haoxiang Lin, Yafei Dai, Lidong Zhou. SoCC 2015
  • VoteTrust: Leveraging Friend Invitation Graph to Defend against Social Network Sybils. 
        Zhi Yang, Jilong Xue, Xiaoyong Yang, Xiao Wang, Yafei Dai.    TDSC 2015
  • Seraph: an Efficient, Low-cost System for Concurrent Graph Processing. 
        Jilong Xue, Zhi Yang, Zhi Qu, Shian Hou and Yafei Dai.   HPDC 2014
  • Seraph: An Efficient System for Parallel Processing on a Shared Graph. 
        Zhi Yang, Jilong Xue, Zhi Qu, Shian Hou and Yafei Dai.   LADIS 2013
  • VoteTrust: Leveraging Friend Invitation Graph to Defend against Social Network Sybils 
        Jilong Xue, Zhi Yang, Xiaoyong Yang, Xiao Wang, Lijiang Chen, Yafei Dai   INFOCOM 2013
  • Unfolding Dynamics in a Social Network: Co-evolution of Link Formation and User Interaction. 
        Zhi Yang, Jilong Xue, Xiaohan Zhao, Xiao Wang, Ben Zhao and Yafei Dai.   poster, WWW 2013
  • On the QoS of Offline Download in Retrieving Peer-side File Resource. 
        Yuanjian Xing, Zhi Yang, Chi Chen, Jilong Xue and Yafei Dai.   ICPP 2011
  • Life moment

    Cape Flattery, 2015, US

    La Push, 2015, US

    Near Mongolia, 2015, CN

    What is your life planning?

    I am convinced that knowledge is power. I wish I can spend my whole life to keep studying, promote the advancement of technology and change our life.

    What are you doing now?

    Currently, I am working on building a powerful graph storage and commputing system to deal with the rapid generated graph data by online social networks.

    What do you like to do in your free time?

    I like movie and swimming in my leisure time. Also, travel, cooking and mountain climbing are all good choices for me.

    DAYa 8816 30.17%
    1988 2015
    • First day I went to school - 1994

      1994/03/03 00:00:00

      Since then, I began my school life until today. It was a meaningful time.

    • First time I saw computer - 1997

      1997/01/01 00:00:00

      At that time, computer was so mystical for me, even that I was attracted by a simple screen protection animation. A seed was planted in my heart...

    • I broke down more than 20 computers - 1999

      1999/01/01 00:00:00

      I never forgot that computer class. I tried something not following teacher's instruction. Unluckily, something was wrong leading all the computers were crash...

    • Another boy came to my family - 2000

      2000/03/12 00:00:00

      In 2000, my little brother was born. He was so cute.

    • First time I tried Internet - 2001

      2001/01/01 00:00:00

      First time I practiced the Internet. At that time, Internet was just blooming in China...