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Projects : Reality, although seemingly not so wonderful.

People always understand the world via a model, although the model has never been the reality.

However, this is the only possible way we change the world.


Students @ Tsinghua University: (I'm greatly honored to work with the following brilliant students!)
  Linsong Cheng (2013 -- now, Ph.D. student co-supervised with Prof. Yunhao Liu): 

Zhen Lu (2013 -- now, Ph.D. student co-supervised with Prof. Yunhao Liu):

He Xiao (2013 -- now, M.Eng. student co-supervised with Prof. Yunhao Liu):

Thierry from Cameroon! (2013 -- 2015, M.Eng. student co-supervised with Prof. Yunhao Liu and Prof. Zheng Yang):

Jian Li (2013 -- 2015, PostDoc co-supervised with Prof. Yunhao Liu):

Projects @ Tsinghua University:
  To be continued ...

Projects @ Peking University:
  Member of the 973 project, "云存储服务和保障机制研究", 2011 -- 2015, ¥3.5M.

Member of NSFC-61073015, "基于协作的云存储外延服务优化机制研究", 2011 -- 2013, ¥0.33M.

Member of the 863 project, "新型移动业务控制网络的分布式用户数据管理技术研究", 2010 -- 2012.

Member of the Tencent-PKU project, "P2P核心算法研究", 2011 -- 2012.

Member of the MSRA-PKU project, "基于协作的分布式计算", 2010 -- 2011.

Member of NSFC-60873051, "P2P存储系统中可用性、可靠性和安全性问题研究", 2009 -- 2011, ¥0.3M.

Projects @ Marvell Technologies (Shanghai):
  Software Engineer of "Blue-ray High-Definition Video Codec Project", Jun.2008 -- Apr. 2009.

Projects @ Nanjing University:
  Member of NSFC-61073152, "支持高质量P2P流媒体服务的有效技术的研究", 2011 -- 2013, ¥0.33M.

Member of NSFC-60523131, "实用化对等网络技术的研究", 2006 -- 2008, ¥0.24M.

Member of NSFC-BK2005208, "新型P2P计算技术的基础研究", 2005 -- 2007, ¥0.4M.

Leader of the "Virtual Machine for TEC-2000 Experimental Computer" (Award)         Sep. 2003 -- Feb. 2004

Function: Software emulation of the TEC-2000 experimental computer made by Tsinghua University, and can interact with the real computer through serial port communication.

Result:      It was submitted to the National BBS Programming Contest of College Students and won the Championship of application software contest. It was then released to the “” open source site and has been downloaded by over 1000 times.