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Professor Li Xiaoming


Institute of Network Computing and Information Systems

Peking University

Beijing 100871



l      Current research interests

-          Search engine and web mining, and web technology enabled social sciences

-          Reputation issues in cyber systems

-          Computing system virtualization

l      Activities and experiences related to education

-          Chair of advisory subcommittee for undergraduate computing education, appointed by Ministry of Education, China

-          Courses taught include computer architecture, programming language, operating systems, web-based information systems, introduction to web technology, parallel programming, and combinatorics.

-          Editor-in-chief for the 21th Century Computing series of text books, Tsinghua University Press

l      Professional services and memberships

-          Vice president, China Computer Federation

-          Member of editorial board of Science in China

-          Member of editorial board of Concurrency and Computation (John Wiley)

-          Member of editorial board of Journal of Web Engineering (Rinton)

-          Senior member of IEEE

-          Member of Eta Kappa Nu

l      University services

-          Director, institute of network computing and information systems (NC&IS) at Peking University. The institute is focused on the areas of search engine and web mining, peer-to-peer computing, distributed systems, mobile computing, grid computing and virtualization technology, and database systems. It presents a strong system-oriented flavor. As a result, NC&IS has developed and deployed quite a few interesting systems in past five years. They are http://e.pku.edu.cn (a search engine), http://www.infomall.cn (the Chinese web archive), http://realcourse.grids.cn (a wide area distributed video-on-demand service), http://maze.pku.edu.cn (a peer-to-peer file sharing system), http://poj.grids.cn (an automatic test platform for computer programs), and http://webdigest.grids.cn/Olympic/ (a web mining system for 2008 Beijing Olympics).

-          Director, office for academic program development, Peking University.

l      Selected recent publications

-          Lianen Huang, Lei Wang, and Xiaoming Li, “Achieving both High Precision and High Recall in Near-duplicate Detection”, CIKM 2008, accepted.

-          Yang Zhi, Dai Yafei, and Li Xiaoming, “Neutralizer: A False-Balance Failure Detector for Minimizing Distributed Storage Maintenance Cost,”, Concurrency and Computation, accepted.

-          Conglei Yao, Yongjian Yu, Sicong Shou, and Xiaoming Li, “Towards a Global Schema for Web Entities,” WWW 2008, Beijing, China, April 21-25, 2008.

-          Lianen Huang, Jonathan J.H. Zhu, and Xiaoming Li, “Building a Story Tracer out of a Web Archive,” JCDL 2008 (poster), Pittsburgh, PA, June 16-20, 2008

-          Jonathan J.H. Zhu, Tao Meng, Zhengmao Xie, Geng Li, and Xiaoming Li, “A Teapot Graph and Its Hierarchical Structure of the Chinese Web,” WWW 2008 (poster), Beijing, April 21-25, 2008

-          Qiao Lian, Zheng Zhang, Mao Yang, Ben Y. Zhao, Yafei Dai, Xiaoming Li, “An Empirical Study of Collusion Behavir in the Maze P2P File-Sharing System,” ICDCS 2007.

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-          William SONG and LI Xiaoming, "A Virtual Organization for Realcourse", Fourteenth International Conference on Information Systems Development (ISD 2005), Karlstad, Sweden, 15-17 August, 2005.

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