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Distributed Systems, Concepts and Design (04812040)
Spring 2007

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3 units, Monday, Class 5-7(12:30-15:30), Room 308, 1st Teaching Building


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Course Description

Nowadays, distributed system, particularly the Web and other Internet-based applications and services, are of unprecedented interest and importance. The course aims to convey insight into, and knowledge of, the principles and practice underlying the design of distributed systems, both Internet-based and otherwise.

The distributed system technologies that the course tries to cover include: interprocess communication, remote invocation, distributed naming, cryptographic security, distributed file systems, data replication, distributed transaction mechanisms, middleware, distributed multimedia, distributed timing and coordination mechanism. We hope, the students can obtain sufficient knowledge from the course, that would enable them to evaluate existing systems or design new ones.


Text Book

Distributed Systems: Concepts and Design (4th Edition)
Coulouris, Jean Dollimore, and Tim Kindberg
Addison Wesley

机械工业出版社, 书号:7-111-17366-X
china-pub - 蔚蓝


Reference Books

  • Computer Networks (Fourth Edition)
    Andrew S. Tanenbaum. Prentice Hall International, Inc., 2003.
  • Operating System Concepts (Sixth Edition)
    Abraham Silberschatz, Peter Baer Galvin and Greg Gagne. John Wiley & Sons, Inc, 2002.
  • Distributed Operating Systems
    Andrew S. Tanenbaum. Prentice Hall International, Inc., 1996.


  • Instructor: Prof. Dai Yafei
    Office Tel: 62753776, email: dyf (AT) pku (DOT) edu (DOT) cn
  • TA: Chen Dong
    Office Tel: 62751799-8005, email: chendong (AT) net (DOT) pku (DOT) edu (DOT) cn
  • TA: Su Bing
    Office Tel: 62751799-8002, email: subing (AT) net (DOT) pku (DOT) edu (DOT) cn
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