Web Search and Mining Advanced Seminar, Fall 2014

A Graduate Course for Computer Science Major, Fall 2014, Peking University
Instructor: Peng Bo

Time & Location

周四 7-8, 二教425


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Grading Policy

homework&quiz   20%
Projects   40%
Final Exam   40%

Staff Contact Information

Instructor: Peng Bo
Office: Science Building 1, Room 1807
Office Hours: By Appt.
E-mail: pb(AT)net.pku.edu.cn


Academic Integrity

    Collaboration is encouraged within all parts of this course. BUT, you are also expected to maintain the utmost level of academic integrity in it.

    For programming projects, you should work and submit the report in groups. And do not forget to explain your contributions clearly in the report. You are allowed to collaborate on the homework to the extent of formulating ideas as a group. However, you must write up the solutions to each problem set completely on your own, and understand what you are writing. You must also list the names of everyone that you discussed the problem set with. 

    Finally, plagiarism deserves special mention here. Including text from other sources in written assignments without quoting it and providing a proper citation constitutes plagiarism, and it is a serious form of academic misconduct. This includes cases in which no full sentence has been copied from the original source, but large amounts of text have been closely paraphrased without proper attribution. This is a very serious issue; instances of plagiarism will very likely result in failing the course.

Additional Information

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